Jacob Schweppe

Jacob Schweppe was a jeweller and scientist who gave the world its first manufactured soft drink - Schweppes Soda Water.

You could say he invented the soft drinks industry as we know it.

The Torpedo Bottle

To keep those bubbles in tip top condition, Jacob created the torpedo bottle. Designed to lay on its side and so keep the cork saturated and airtight. This helped to retain the bubbles for longer.


Royal Warrant

In 1836 King William IV awarded Schweppes a Royal Warrant in recognition of our consistent high standards of excellence through scientific innovation.

Half a century later we became the official supplier to the royal household.

Enjoyable Effervescence

Bubbles are the engine of a drink. They carry and lift the aroma of the spirit, and so impart the full flavour of your drink.

Schweppes’ longer lasting bubbles* serve up the ultimate taste experience and mean your drink never goes flat.

*Source: Tested by an independent analytical laboratory. Feb 2017

A Classic Tonic,
A Class Act

In all aspects, Schweppes Tonic Water has always been crafted to be the classic mixer of choice.


New 1783

We’re as restless as our bubbles.

We continue to innovate and strive to elevate the driving experience for consumers.

Our latest quest to explore new trends and excite the more adventurous led us to team up with the top liquor architects and flavourists of the day.

The Result: 1783

The Range

A distinguished range of naturally flavoured premium mixers curated by mixologists using Schweppes’ superior effervescence and classic Schweppes taste to deliver perfect pairings to the finest spirits.

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